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Chargers are fraudulent each year come cold weather playoff games and east coast travel.

Yes, we all knew this.

But watching the Patriots eat the alive has me seething again. This should have been us. I should be up in New England at this game, watching OUR defense give Brady fits.

This feels sooooooo much like how we wasted the 2006 defense on McNair's decaying body.

If only our offensive coaches had actually gameplanned for Sand Diego. Or if we had opened it up for Lamar a bit earlier (even tho I think his 4th quarter production was garbage time).

Of, if only, the coaching staff took a chance on a former SBMVP sitting on the bench (OR if only management hadn't let the coach approach lame duck status such that he played politics of next season over winning this season).

What a joke. Lets see if Chargers make a game of this but, ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nah.
We must be a bigger joke, because they beat us at home!