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    Re: Division Games Thread

    Two last thoughts -

    1. Don't tell me Gronk is on his last leg - that dude was a wrecking crew and they should sign him to an extension now.

    2. Anybody else hear them say River is expecting his 9th kid? Crown his ass
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    Re: Division Games Thread

    Gronk is retiring lol

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    Re: Division Games Thread

    I hate the stinking Patriots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iamjacks View Post
    It's never been revealed who the assistant was, to my knowledge, and I have my own suspicion on what happened. I suspect they used bountygate to cover up this much more serious actual crime. I think Peyton and Williams were actually suspended from the league to cover this stuff up. My theory you can call bullshit on and that's fine, but denying that this incident happened is just pulling the wool over your own eyes. The Saints under Peyton were and likely still are doing some seriously Shady stuff.
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