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    Re: The highlight and lowlight of the year

    Highlight: Pnut's punchout on Gates....Tavon takes it back for 6.

    The Almost(light): The fumble for 6 that wasn't againt LA in the playoffs. The thing I hate about the NFL today is you cannot get too excited about a single play anymore bc you always assume a challenge or a flag but that play (probably alcohol induced) I was running around my house like it was the Mile High Miracle.

    Lowlight: The final whistle after the Pitt the heals of a narrow loss to (who I thought was the best team) NO, then getting completely dominated againt CAR, it looked like all hope was lost with the upcoming schedule.

    Honorable Mention: Joe refusing to pass to a wide open LJ and settling for 3. At that point I lost confidence in his desire to win at all cost. I had been a huge Flacco supporter up until that point.

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    Re: The highlight and lowlight of the year

    Highlight: Mosely's interception to seal the win and the division

    Low: Losing to CLE when we could have been 4-1

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    Re: The highlight and lowlight of the year

    Highlight - Mark Andrews
    Low light - Hayden Hurst

    Highlight - Marty left
    Low light - Harbaugh didn't

    Highlight - LJ's running every game
    Low light - LJ's fumbling every game

    Highlight - Jimmy every other game
    Low light - Jimmy every other game

    Highlight - first Chargers game
    Low light - second Chargers game

    Highlight - first steelers game
    Low light - second steelers game

    Highlight - defense in the Titans game
    Low light - Tucker's missed field goal

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    Re: The highlight and lowlight of the year

    low point was passing on 2nd and goal at the 2YD line against the browns and getting intercepted.

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    Re: The highlight and lowlight of the year

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravens4Real View Post
    Highlight: Making the Playoffs

    Lowlight: Lamar and our offense in playoffs
    Simply put, and I have to agree. (a) LJ going 6 - 1 to get us a playoff berth. (b) Our OC not adjusting sooner vs. the Chargers... Bc

    P.S. - I'll add (c) the Ravens defense playing so well

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    Re: The highlight and lowlight of the year

    1. Mosely's INT
    2. Losing to Cleveland in OT.

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