What were the 2 plays of the year that you guys think were the ultimate highlight and lowlight of the year? I feel like these are the plays I'll remember this season by. These were mine.

Suddenly the Chargers were on the board. In a must win game, on the road, against a percieved superior opponent, the Chargers took the lead in week 16. In response, Lamar Jackson delivered a deep ball to Mark Andrews that went to the house. We wouldn't trail again. That single play was the highest I've felt as a Raven's fan this season. I thought we were going to lose this game, and Jackson brought us back while proving that he could make big time throws in big time games. Additionally that perfect throw represented a ceiling as a passer that I hope Lamar Jackson can reach consistently.

Joshua Dobbs' 20 yard completion. With Roethlisberger out, I thought we might have a chance to come back and sweep the Steelers, but Dobbs came in and hit a receiver in the open field who frankly embarassed our "Pro Bowl" safety. In the post game interview, Weddle said he actually had the guy covered too well, so he didn't think Dobbs would be dumb enough to throw the ball which only infuriated me more. The defense, once again, gave up a game losing big play to our most bitter rival. That play all but sealed the third loss in a row, and at the time it really felt like our playoff hopes were completely gone.