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Thread: "Fake Injury"

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    "Fake Injury"

    Some time ago crpravens made a prediction that Ray Lewis would "fake" an injury at the first sign we wouldn't make the playoffs so he wouldn't have to play meaningless games. Ray is gonna miss the Seattle game, but I think we all can agree that the fracture hand (which broke the skin and bleed all over his pants) is a real injury. Seeing how the season was lost back when we lost to Cincy the second time or at least after the NE game, Ray continued to play. Anyone else want an apology from crpravens for tarnishing Ray's name?
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    Re: "Fake Injury"

    Absolutely! He owes all True Ravens fans an apology, especially the man himself, Ray Lewis.
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    Re: "Fake Injury"

    Meh... I personally don't care. He was wrong. I am fine with that.
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