I grew up in the USA. Moved around a lot as a boy from state to state. I was living in Houston in the early 70s, and my dad at the time was an Oilers fan. He took me to a game. Oilers vs Raiders. I immediately fell in love with the Raiders, especially too to be different or to oppose him. Thus followed a 40 year love affair with the Raiders, and eventually in 2004 I moved to Sydney, Australia long-term. Here we are now, 2018.

But of late, the Raiders (and their fans) have worn thin on me. Not just Gruden'd out, and Mark Davis'd out. Not a person who chases success and avoids bad times. It's more to do with it all just wearing thin on me. Not meshing with who/what I am as a person.

It's about methodology, philosophy. The Ravens are simply an elbows to the wheel team, straight up and down, no bullshit, no nonsense, down to earth, earthy. I love defensive-orientated teams the most, they usually fit the descriptive words I used above.

The Raiders are all about the "Raiders"....whereas the Ravens are all about Baltimore itself. Like when Johnny Unitas disowned the Colts for moving out of Baltimore, and adopted the Ravens. Who in turn included Unitas (and other former Colts greats) in their own Ring of Honor.

Raiders are nomadic now, a fashion brand name, like Calvin Klein, that you see around the world in clothing stores now, people who have no idea about football/etc, just buying the stuff and wearing it for that, it's like a fast-food franchise rather than a genuine product.

I haven't disowned the Raiders as such, don't hate them. Just not INVESTING in them anymore. They will become a team I have a "soft-spot" for, like I do with the Dolphins -- because thru the 80's/90's I was a mad Dan Marino/Dolphins fan (yes, whilst a Raiders fan). I have many memories (good and bad) of the Raiders, that will never be taken from me, many players I continue to hero-worship like I worship Marino. But I also worshipped Unitas. One of my favorite three QBs of all-time.

Tho I have some roots in Nevada, so bad timing to move the Raiders down to #2 in my care list, it's all about the image/philosophy to me, what feels like home. That whole Raider Calvin Klein thing and the BS that surrounds it (which they themselves play on) wears thin. Basically, I don't really dig braggarts and show-offs and fakeness. I dig more earthiness and knuckling down, straight up and down people.

I like too how Baltimore has unique mascot names for their sporting teams. I like the two-toned dark uniform scheme. I like the history of Baltimore too, the amazing architecture, and general beat of the city, tho I've never been to Baltimore.

That's not to say I like it say more than other regions in the US, because as with any place, and as with me, as you can tell...there is just so much of anything to love, to like, to breathe in. I admit I have commitment problems but it's because I find beauty/love/interest in so many things/people/differences/etc. I'm just a lover of things.

Anyway, here's to 40 years of Ravens fandom.