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    Trolling & Thread Hijacking - Definitions. PLEASE READ

    Good Morning RSR faithful.

    After discussing with some of the other mods, we felt that there were two primary areas that are a bit too ambiguous for effective moderation. This has also been problematic as there are several posters that purposely do these things without any regard for other posters. So, here it is:


    • Is defined as purposefully and knowingly agitating a particular RSR member or group of RSR members with the intent of soliciting a negative response. Trolling is almost always synonymous with baiting, which is also purposefully and knowingly posting something with the intentions of soliciting a negative response from another poster in an attempt to get them in trouble with the mods.

    • Is defined as purposefully and knowingly posting content (particularly of negative context) with intentions of derailing a thread from the original topic.
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