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  1. Re: PFF O-line rankings Ravens 14th

    Skura has been a disaster many of the problems start with him. I'd move Lewis to C. Brown to RT. Hurst to LG.

    Bench Skura.

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    Re: PFF O-line rankings Ravens 14th

    Quote Originally Posted by srobert96 View Post
    The time Flacco is getting is also misleading. In the Browns game they were going max protect. While he had plenty of time he did not have a lot of options to throw to. I think a big part of that is that they were not respecting the run and were pinning their ears back on the pass rush. That is why that RB screen play was so effective late in the game.

    I don't know how they don't make a change to Lewis and to Hurst. The grades they are receiving are in line with what everyone is seeing watching the games.
    Every offense should max protect. If receivers can't get open with increased ample time, they suck.


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