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  1. Re: OT: A Day of Happiness and a Thanks to the Board.

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    Oh def. There were a lot of arguments just because I didn’t understand that she needed to work shit out. Nothing I could do. But we pushed through. She finally reached a point where she could talk about it and then I actually help the most by just listening.
    She’s OCD on top of this so she def has had many times of “thinking herself exhausted”. The meditation has helped a lot for her to “focus “ her thoughts.
    She does some light yoga now at the Y by our house. I’ll recommend the Pilates to her. Thanks.

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    Yep. That sounds familiar. PTSD is a realm of darkness that said person has to initially walk alone and you're just there to be ready to grab their hand when they are ready to welcome someone in to help provide light. Which usually starts by just listening. One of the hardest parts for onlookers to grasp is that the 'thinking herself exhausted' just has to happen. It's a necessary evil, because her mind is constant psychological warfare and the person with PTSD is often afraid of how close they really come to losing it. Eventually, if they are open and have someone they feel comfortable confiding in, they will talk about that part. However, a lot of times they keep it to themselves. Everyday you go through spells of random impulses, violent impulses, the works. So, she constantly has a battle on her hands, she has to be as strong as possible to fight it and nobody can fight it for her or it will really never end. You're just there to toss her a gatorade and switch out her weapon when she calls for a breather.

    It sounds like she's reached a point where she has the vast majority of the puzzle figured out. Or at least the strategy in putting it together, which may explain why she was eventually read to turn to meditation.

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    Re: OT: A Day of Happiness and a Thanks to the Board.

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    I had to stop squatting and now do bulgarian split squats, walking db lunges and trap bar deadlifts. It kind of sucks I miss it soo much
    How do you have to quit squatting, but can do those awful Bulgarian lifts? That is awful.

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    Re: OT: A Day of Happiness and a Thanks to the Board.

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    No I have no sciatica pain at all. Im pretty sure after talking to some orthopods that its discogenic pain in nature. I had an annular tear in the disc... Theres some data or theory to suggest Nerve innervation of the discs itself can cause pain from the disc itself without acute herniation.

    We've known that The discs are innervated by branches of the sinuvertebral nerves, but after injury more nerve growth can happen (at least from what I've been told and gathered)

    Basically, injury to the disc happens, this causes granulation or scar tissue to form, and granulation/scar tissue promotes nerve growth ....boom... now you have newly inervated source of pain.

    "A damaged IVD releases nociceptive molecules and growth factors that promote nerve ingrowth into the disc "

    gets really deep
    Sounds kind of like what my sister had going on. She had a hairline fracture in one of her vertebra from a car accident, and nerve tissue grew in. Took them years to figure out what was going on. Pretty much derailed her goals of being a high level gymnast.

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