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    Re: Can we retire this Flacco is clutch nonsense?

    Didn’t Flacco bring them all the way back from a huge deficit to make it a one score game in the 2nd half? The defense couldn’t stop Mixon, got no turnovers, no sacks and were penalized on 3rd down three times when they could have gotten off the field. All three turned into touchdown drives. The Oline was manhandled by Cincy’s front 4, no running game at all as well.
    Flacco WAS the best player on the field on Thursday and have the team a chance to win a game that they probably had no business even being in

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    Re: Can we retire this Flacco is clutch nonsense?

    Quote Originally Posted by GreatWhiteNorthRaven View Post
    Definitely a more skilled offense, but with a worse line. Which pretty much evens out.

    I don't see the same team from a personnel perspective. I see different issues.
    The top 3 receivers are clearly better. I'm not sure that's going to make the difference especially if this line can't run block. The whole offense is based on play action. You can't do that effectively if you can't run. The Bengals were the first of the 3 good pass rushing teams we face in a row. Flacco is so slow at making decisions that I just see him being effective if the line isn't playing at a very high level. Check out the Giants game right now. It's the exact same issue and Eli has truly elite weapons.

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    Re: Can we retire this Flacco is clutch nonsense?

    Joe Flacco is the reason babies cry

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    Re: Can we retire this Flacco is clutch nonsense?

    one thing cant be disupted. flacco has low football iq


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