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    Re: Ravens just worked out 10 (ten) o-linemen!

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    If they aren't happy with Lewis then we should kill 2 birds with one stone and slide Hurst back to LG and put in Orlando Brown at RT.
    I don't think Lewis has played poorly at guard so far. He had a good run blocking game against the Bengals as I scored it, including 8 of 8 blocks made in L2, 6/6 on pulls, and 4 highlight blocks. He's had some difficulty negotiating stunt handoffs on both sides which led to some pass blocking charges against the Bengals. In each of those cases, weakness from Stanley (injury) and Skura (giving up depth before handoff) have been issues.

    Overall C+ in game 1 and high C in game 2. Absolutely no reason to bench Lewis now.

    BTW, PFF may have a sack misallocated in G2. Stanley not scored for a sack, but on my scoresheet he had the only full charge of the game (Q1, 9:16). Is it possible that went to Lewis by mistake? In any case, this was a game with a bunch of partial charges for sacks and QHs, and the fact PFF can only give a 1 or 0 can significantly throw off their grading.
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