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    Dre Kirkpatick 7 Best Playes In The AFC North

    A few surprises, but I he explains himself well. He picks guys not for the reason one would think. Good insight. Hard to give them acutal # ranks in any list on any topic with top 10 as they are all good. Flacco gets some recognition:

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    Re: Dre Kirkpatick 7 Best Playes In The AFC North

    Dre has developed into a heck of a CB...he loves to talk, but he's a good player. Respect.
    Although Walsh's system of offense can compensate for lack of talent; however, defense is a different story. According to Walsh, talent on defense was essential and could not be compensated for. What did Walsh do in 1981? He acquired physical and talented players on defense.

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    Re: Dre Kirkpatick 7 Best Playes In The AFC North

    (4) Joe Flacco, QB, Baltimore Ravens

    I donít have any highlights for Joe Flacco. Yeah, heís got a big arm. He can throw the ball down the field. But you never see him make that throw where youíre like, Man, how did he fit that one in there? Thatís just not his game. He doesnít take a lot of chances. He doesnít force throws into tight coverage. Heís very conservative.

    Heís just so good at executing every throw on the field and taking exactly what the defense gives him.

    As a corner, with Flacco back there, you have to control the receivers at the line of scrimmage ó get your hands on them early, jam them, throw off the timing of the route. Everything in this game is timing, and just throwing a receiver off his route with one good punch in the chest might be enough to keep a conservative guy like Flacco from throwing it that way because, if itís not there, heís not gonna force it.

    Another thing you have to do against Flacco is throw a lot of disguises at him. You have to give him the illusion that youíre giving him one thing, but then take it away at the last second ó maybe play up on the line like itís gonna be man-press, then right before the snap, bail out and drop into a zone. Or show him one defensive formation pre-snap, then audible to something else to try and confuse him.

    You have to bait Flacco, then try and take advantage.

    Then it just comes down to who can make a play.
    Very interesting as it comes from one of his direct opponents.

    I personally have watched Joe make throws where I went "how did he??"... but not against the Bengals


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