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Thread: Pass Rush

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    Re: Pass Rush

    How on earth are they going to get any type of pass rush on Pittsburgh who’s oline is miles better then Cincy’s

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    Re: Pass Rush

    The team as long as I can remember has always coveted those tweener guys. It's not a problem when you have a Rex Ryan or Chuck Pagano and you are scheming stuff up but when you have a bland/bad coordinator like Pees or Stink (love that nickname btw) it's not going to work.
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    Re: Pass Rush

    Quote Originally Posted by srobert96 View Post
    A lot of it is coaching. On the 3rd and 7. The Bengals played tight man coverage and blitzed. There were no quick throws and Flacco had to eat the sack. The Ravens play off the receivers and get killed on the quick slants, rub routes and crossing patterns. The pass rush doesn't have time to get there on most of those plays. I did not analyze the plays but I have to think they are very vanilla in what they do from a pass rush. To be successful being vanilla you have to have great players that can win a one on one matchup. Ravens also rarely use their best athletes. Tim Wiliams and Bowser were only in on 10 or less snaps. Z. Smith, Judon and Smith played most of the snaps. All 3 of them are good at setting the edge and in the run game. Judon and Smith are not uber athletic. Suggs is not what he once was. I also think they play Judon out of position in the SAM spot. This team go with less risk less reward when they decide who to play.
    I have to agree, plus the Bengals did a lot of roll outside and bootlegs early in the game to cancel out the rush

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    Re: Pass Rush

    Pass Rush - against a respectable offence - requires each of the 11 men being successful if the O line is anywhere near successful. If there is a weak link on the O line then direct rush sacks are possible and likely. If the O line doesn't have a weak link, then the D Backs have to maintain coverage to allow the D Line to wear down the O Line and meet at the QB.


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