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    Re: Playing the 'Blame Game'

    According to Hensley The Ravens worked out 10 (ten) offensive linemen today (or Friday-he wasn’t specific as to when). So they know there’s a huge problem with the line.

    Remember Yanda is just now coming back from a major injury.

    Stanley never recovered from his injury during preseason and came out holding his arm on top of that injury.

    Hurst should never play tackle and he’s inexplicably playing over the superior Brown

    Skura can’t anchor for shit and again they don’t want to play the developmental rookie center who actually can anchor

    The o-line needs major adjustments and we need to PRAY! that Stanley’s injuriES are not serious. Otherwise we are in trouble.

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    Re: Playing the 'Blame Game'

    Considering how the Ravens don't glorify flashy wrs or rbs, etc... How is that we keep letting O-Line guys walk? It's the most important positions next to QB...

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    Re: Playing the 'Blame Game'

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark View Post
    You have to coach and game plan knowing your strengths and weaknesses and those of your opponent. Geno Atkins has given every Ravens interior linemen problems for years. Did we scheme for this mismatch? Other inexplicable coaching decisions:
    1. We don't double AJ Green every down despite how he has killed us for years. Unbelievable.
    2. We let Cincy scheme Green vs. Tavon one on one matchups by putting him in the slot. No adjustments by Wink. If you refuse to double Green, at least don't let the Bengals put our 5'9" guy on him over and over.
    3. We played Lamar Jackson in all of the wrong down and distance situations and keep him on the bench when we need 2 or 3 yards for a 1st down or TD. We waste his skill set by refusing to use him on the big plays when he would be of the most value.
    4. If LJ is on the field, let Joe get the snap instead of basically going 10 vs. 11 with him out on the line. If Flacco gets the snap, he can pass, RPO with LJ, hand off or pitch to LJ who can run or pass. What a waste of a playmaker.
    Perfectly said

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    Re: Playing the 'Blame Game'

    Quote Originally Posted by BearArms View Post
    Perfectly said
    I'll second that. Basically, we are getting out coached by Marvin Lewis by a typically slightly more talented team. It sucks and I'd be more upset by it if we hadn't been slightly overperforming in our divisional matchups with Pittsburgh in recent years. I'm not going to get too worked up by anything until I've seen about four or five games. The offense is improved even with shaky line play and not much contribution by the RBs. From what I'm seeing, I still think we'll be alright.

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    Re: Playing the 'Blame Game'

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterB58 View Post
    I have seen some of the Russell St. reporters saying the problem wasn't the game plan, it was the players not executing.

    Here's my problem. It is no secret who the Bengals best players are on offense or defense. When you do nothing to neutralize those players by double-teaming, zone coverage, etc., that tells me you either think the Skuras and Tavon Youngs of the world are good enough to play with these players, or you don't know how to scheme an offense or defense.

    That is all on the coaches.
    Atkins was apparently doing well against Yanda, which is not traditionally someone that needs the help.

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    Re: Playing the 'Blame Game'

    Quote Originally Posted by Paintballguy View Post
    It starts and ends with coaching in the NFL. I don't think it's stated enough how important coaching is in the NFL.

    Do you guys think Belichick would've allowed Green to catch 3 td's in a half? It blows my mind how Green consistently gets single coverage against the Ravens. Do the Ravens coaches ever learn their lessen to double the guy every play?
    Quote Originally Posted by PeterB58 View Post
    Single coverage against the #2 or #3 CB, no less.
    I'm wondering if any of that had to do with who was lining people up on the field. There were a lot less mishaps once it was Weddle.

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    Re: Playing the 'Blame Game'

    Mark somes really good points about the coaching. It's the same with the Steelers. Why aren't we doubling AB last year?

    Wink is showing some issues that Pees showed. So it really makes you wonder if Harbaugh is involved somehow in the defense. No proof of that, but it just doesn't make sense.
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    Re: Playing the 'Blame Game'

    It's Wink's second game calling plays and then his main guy on the field that receives the plays and relays what people are supposed to do went down. Once he got that straightened out the D did fairly well. It just goes to show why CJ was so highly thought of when drafted. Just because he isn't Ray doesn't mean he's not damn good and the centerpiece of this defense.


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