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    A draft section?

    There are a number of great draft related threads already in the Ravens 24x7 forum, but they tend to get buried in all the other Ravens related news.

    Anyone else think it might be a good idea to get a special draft subsection and move some threads there?

    Oh, and if we do get a draft section, we need a sticky thread for potential UDFAs we want to see in purple. If Mike Duffy (on his Big Board blog) again asks for suggestions for UDFAs we need to be ready this year. :D

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    Re: A draft section?

    This would be really nice.

    I plan on doing my draft tracker again this year and that would be a great place to do it...I plan on tracking both 1st and 2nd round selections this year given....erm....the single digit selection the team is likely to possess.

    It'd also be a great spot for all of those salary cap-articles and analysis. Some of them are buried and it would be stellar to have links to those stickied in the draft forum.

    Also perhaps someone can volunteer to be the free-agent tracker this year?

    I think it'd be a great addition to the website!!! :hammer:
    Just win baby...

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    Re: A draft section?

    We're discussing it. We'll let ya know soon.
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    Re: A draft section?

    Thanks for taking the time! Let us know
    Just win baby...


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