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    Re: Season Tickets Arrive?

    I got a letter from the Ravens yesterday with PR spin about the new e-tickets, after I received an email the day after I received my package with the plastic cards, etc. My guess is they're catching a lot of flack from unhappy fans. Or maybe the letter just got delayed.

    I know on Sunday I was hot, and it's probably a good thing their ticket office wasn't open, because someone would've caught an earful. I was supposed to meet a guy to sell him my preseason tickets for the Redskins game. When I got to the meeting spot, I pulled up the app so it would be all set to do the transfer. That's when I remembered that I had them on ticket exchange. So I followed the steps to cancel the listing. And then....nothing. I backed out and then re-opened the app several times, but they still showed as listed for sale and unavailable for me to send them to someone. I must've cancelled the stupid listing about 8 times. Still the same thing. I about lost my mind. Finally, after 10-15 minutes, of cancelling the listing multiple times, closing and re-opening the app, logging out, logging back in, etc., they finally appeared as available for me to send/download. Of course then the guy stood me up, so I ended up donating them to Fred Grau, lol.

    Moral of the story is, if you have them listed on ticket exchange through the app, and then decide to keep them or transfer them to someone, make sure you allow plenty of time to cancel the listing on NFL ticket exchange.

    OR, they could've just given us the stupid damned paper tickets and not f-ed things up. *grumble grumble mumble mumble*
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    Re: Season Tickets Arrive?

    Quote Originally Posted by stevez51 View Post
    I read there will be no paper tickets.
    They are tired of the stolen tickets, and/or suckers who've bought hard/paper tickets from sellers who have already transferred/sold the same tickets, etc., etc. Last season I had my envelope from the Ravens stolen from inside my storm door (stolen mail/packages was a big problem in our neighborhood last year). They had to reprint mine (on regular ticket stock, not the special photo tix), cancelling the old bar codes/numbers and creating new ones. I couldn't have been the only Season Ticket holder they had to do that for. I can still sell tickets via NFL Exchange (which protects me from consequences of buyers' misbehavior. I got a "We'll take your PSLs threat" if it happens again from the Ravens several years back due to assholitry on the part of Jets' fans I sold to via Craig's List). Anyone acvtually going with me to the games will meet me before we enter the Stadium. I just have to have the presence of mind to get my ticket lanyards from them before splitting post game
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