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Thread: Jameis Winston

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    Re: Jameis Winston

    When I saw the thread title, I thought it was going to be a proposal to bring Winston to the Charm city.

    He's definitely a knucklehead. I can see him floundering as a back up QB if this season doesn't go well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saintmatthew View Post
    Ben got suspended as well and crucified in the media.

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    He only got suspended for the second one though

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    Re: Jameis Winston

    I always get the premier NFL magazine, Lindy's, during the preseason; however, like last year Winston is on the cover here down south.

    For the first time with the magazine going up in price, I did not buy it because Winston who was suspended was slapped on the cover. Lindy's better update its cover before the middle of August or I will not purchase it.

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    Re: Jameis Winston

    Winston was a knucklehead in college. FSU and their police covered up a sexual assault while he was in college. I thought the media outrage over Ben was far worse. With Winston it got press for a day or so and went away. Ben was a star. Ben played well and eventually the media moves on to other stories. If Ben was a disappointment at QB at the time of the suspension everyone would have been suggesting the Steelers move on from him.

    QB is the one position where franchises really cant afford to have a knucklehead. Since his suspension Ben has kept a low profile. If Winston gets his head on straight plays well and stays out of trouble, people will move on from this stuff as well.


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