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    Re: Maclin and Wallace - clear addition by substraction?

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    Wallace is 31, Brown is 28. Those are three big years in “Speed WR World.”

    I’m not saying Brown is going to pan out — in fact, I think he has less than a 50% chance of being an impact player this year. But he does still have upside, while Wallace does not. I appreciate Wallace, but bringing him back would make no sense to me. I’d rather have Moore out there taking snaps over Wallace.

    It was clear to me that Wallace was close to the end. Speed starting to leave him. Getting hurt more often. and he was never a high effort every snap guy. gus run blocking was decent but never fantastic.

    Trying John Brown was the right move.

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    Re: Maclin and Wallace - clear addition by substraction?

    I almost want to boycott Jimmy's for helping to lure Maclin here.
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