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Thread: O's & Royals

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    O's & Royals

    They fought out the 2014 ALCS in one of the closest 4 game sweeps by the Royals

    Now they are both fighting it out to be the worst AL (if no MLB) team for 2018

    Right now the O's lead to be the WORST by 1/2 a game 23-54 vs the Royals 24-54 - in the rest of MLB the worst team has 32 wins.

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    Re: O's & Royals

    The MLB has basically become a league where its cyclical... but it still favors the rich. If you're a small market team, you can get a few great draft classes and make some savvy off-season moves and gear up for a short run at the play-offs and a World Series, but you a brief window to do it. If you're a rich team, you can make up for a lot of mistakes, and you'll probably never have more than one or two seasons in a row of being out of the play-offs.


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