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    Re: Lamar Jackson signs rookie deal

    Quote Originally Posted by SugarRay52 View Post
    I think Petrino did "okay" with Lamar.
    I mean...when you watched Louisville w/ Lamar the only thing Petrino changed was to add read-option concepts.
    It worked out great because Lamar is such a dynamic runner...BUT IMHO it wasn't close maximizing Lamar's skillset.

    For me the ideal offense to maximize Lamar's skillset combine Run-Pass Option + Read Option + Drop back passing concepts merged together and run from the same sets and formations (especially spread).

    The best NFL examples are Andy Reid (Nagy)/KC, Doug Pederson/Eagles, O'Brien(Ryan)/Texans...I think Nagy + Mark Helfrich (college spread guru) is gonna be one of the best offense in the NFL when they get better personnel.

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    Re: Lamar Jackson signs rookie deal

    Quote Originally Posted by usmccharles View Post
    I'm from Arkansas, I'm familiar enough with him where I'd want to risk it with lj

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    Hes great in college but not a leader of men in the pros

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    Re: Lamar Jackson signs rookie deal

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    Because theyre setting him up as the greatest QB ever seen. Id rather see them keep expectations reasonable rather than so high he will seem disappointing
    Buddy while I know some have a high (unreasonable?) forecast of LJ, and I'm certainly not dusting off a place for him in the HOF, why should we dilute our hopes? If we're disappointed then so be it, OTOH I'd rather look at him as the exciting offensive player we have some optimism for. Personally, I have positive expectations for LJ and will have them until he proves otherwise... Bc


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