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    How to spot a fascist

    It's easy.

    Anyone pushing for our government crack down on misinfo is a fascist.

    Keep saying this. It's true.

    The creeps in power, trying to cling to power, are now trying to play this card.

    Just remember.

    If you see someone calling for a government crack down on disinformation. They are a fascist.
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    Re: How to spot a fascist

    Look for the red hat!

    Seriously, you are spot on. If the other person is spouting "misinformation" then show how it is. That is what free speech is all about. Everybody gets to make their argument in the arena and hopefully the best ideas win.

    If you want to shut somebody up it shows your argument is crap and you know it's a loser in the arena.

    The liberals are the Detroit Lions in the arena of political ideas. But the refs (media) are all in for them and the only way they can win is to make the other side play with 8 players.

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    Re: How to spot a fascist

    Once the mortuary is full
    And the old folks home lies empty
    Once the homeless have all perished
    And theres toilet roll aplenty

    Once the food banks are no more
    And the Plague is in retreat
    Watch the happy politician take praise for its defeat

    He'll praise the bulldog spirt
    And make mention of the blitz
    He'll say in his Brave New World
    The vulnerable don't fit

    And many folk will raise a glass
    And many folk will cheer
    And other folk will realize
    That Fascism is here

    All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force. - Orwell
    Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex. ― Frank Zappa


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