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Perriman isn't making this team unless we have multiple injuries in the preseason.

Chris Moore is making this team no matter what because of his special teams alone which Harbaugh weighs higher than just about any other coach out there. He's also the only one besides Perriman that has any experience catching (sometimes deflecting) passes from Flacco.

I think we carry 7 WR with a couple of them functioning more as special teamers than WR.

These are locks:
1. Crabtree
2. Snead
3. Brown (injury risk)
4. Chris Moore (special teams)

Both rookie drafted WR will likely make the team.
5. Scott
6. Lasley

Open competition for the 1 remaining spot:
Tim White, Breshad Perriman, Adeboyejo, Posey, UDFAs
DR, I agree, except that we may let Quincy Adeboyejo go (injury settlement?) :


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