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    Re: Could Ozzie Join Another Team?

    Quote Originally Posted by esmd View Post
    I suppose anything is possible, I guess it all depends on what capacity Ozzie remains with the organization. What's being kind of glossed over is Jeremiah's point about the Panthers hypothetical interest in Ozzie as the team President. That's the Dick Cass role, which is far different than the GM role. I'm sure Ozzie would do very well in that role if he so chose, I'm just not sure if he'd want to work the business side of things more than the football side. And I can't really see him leaving for another GM job. If he didn't want to leave the GM role, I'm sure he'd just tell Steve that he wanted to stay on, and Decosta would have to make a career decision and decide if he wanted to throw his name in the hat for a GM job elsewhere.

    I could see Ozzie leaving to be AD at 'bama if that job became available.
    Thatís the only thing I could see him leaving for

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    Re: Could Ozzie Join Another Team?

    Thought question: do you think it's possible that for older professionals (like Oz) to have amazing wisdom, experience with a variety of situations and functional knowledge but with a lesser set of decision-making chops than they had in previous years?

    I know some lawyers I consider to be world-wise and oracles at what they do. You still go to them for their wisdom and counsel but you really don't want them representing you anymore in go-to situations; at least not as your chief dog.

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    Re: Could Ozzie Join Another Team?

    Carolina guy saying he is keeping gm and hc

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    Re: Could Ozzie Join Another Team?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    Wouldn’t surprise me at all. I too think Bama if not an NFL team
    The position above any other that I see Ozzie moving into is Athletic Director at Alabama. Don't know the current contract situation with Greg Byrne.

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    Re: Could Ozzie Join Another Team?

    I think the Ravens are Ozzie's baby. He has literally been with the organization its entire existence. I think teams will try but I don't think it will work. I think his connection to this team runs deeper than just about any other GM in the business. Bama? Is a different story though.

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    Re: Could Ozzie Join Another Team?

    I don't see it, i can see him going back to Bama in the next few years though


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