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    Re: Suggs throws Pees under the bus

    Quote Originally Posted by trailhiker85 View Post
    Well, after all, who wants flabby demons?

    Well, he's doing alright... Bc

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    Re: Suggs throws Pees under the bus

    Quote Originally Posted by esmd View Post

    Fuck. Dean. Pees. We'll see if Wink and the players can deliver on the talk, but still. Fuck. Dean. Pees. If there is one iota of karma in this whole god damned universe, we will beat the fucking Titans on a late (last drive would be even better) 4th quarter TD so we can all exercise the demon that is Dean Fucking Pees. How Harbaugh stuck with the guy for so long is beyond me.
    "I take great pride in putting players in the right place so they have success," Martindale said. "And when they know that, that’s when you really get things rolling."

    Why would Pees NOT do this!?

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    Re: Suggs throws Pees under the bus

    Good question. I have no earthly damn answer, other than "Technique issues." In a lot of ways I gave him a pass, especially when we were getting lit up due to a very thin CB and Pass rush group in 2015 and even 2016. But they've got talented young players now, and still screwed the pooch again last year. Soooooo glad he's gone.
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