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    Re: All of a sudden - the Ravens are very young.

    Quote Originally Posted by WNCRavensFan View Post
    It has me curious as to

    a) how many more seasons he will play
    b) if those seasons will all be with the Ravens
    c) who retires the same year as him

    Selfishly, I really want him to be a Ravens lifer and join Ray Lewis and Jonathan Ogden in that regard. It's a bit of a bitter feeling that Ed Reed isn't.
    As a fan, I feel the same way about Ed Reed. However, IIRC he was offered a $5 million contract
    by the Texans, and even though I'm sure he was well off financially, it's difficult to turn down that kind of offer when you've got enough gas in the tank for one more pro season... Bc

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    Re: All of a sudden - the Ravens are very young.

    they're very young and they have an exciting rookie QB. The front office finally might get it

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