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    Nashville, Atlanta and Charlotte

    Afternoon all!

    So itís rumored that the regular season schedule will be released on April 19th. Iím hoping to come over and do some more traveling (around the Ravens schedule of course) around the Deep South. I know we played in Nashville last year, but which cities out of Nashville, Atlanta and Charlotte would be the most fun for a few days?

    Also, for those that have seen us play in the past - which game days were the most fun?

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    Re: Nashville, Atlanta and Charlotte

    I have spent a lot of time in Nashville and Atlanta, plus a few visits to Charlotte. Been to many Ravens games in the Deep South, including every other southern city south of the Mason-Dixon line. ( I have not been to the new funny looking Dome in Atlanta, yet, but been to many Colts and Ravens games played in the predecessor stadiums.)

    Most game-day fun, by far, has been in Nashville. In my opinion, Broadway trumps even Bourbon Street as the best place in the US near an NFL stadium to hang out before and/or after a game. Broadway's two dozen or so honky-tonks are the heart of country music. All are an easy walk to the stadium and open most of the time 365 days per year. Most Tennesseans and Alabamans are genuinely friendly & hospitable. There's much to do away from the stadium, especially Grand Ol' Opry, old Ryman Auditorium, visit the Parthenon, and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

    Charlotte's stadium is nicely located, with a Residence Inn adjacent to the stadium lots and many other downtown hotels a few blocks down. I didn't find much happening in downtown Charlotte the weekend which we saw a Ravens game there. It was, frankly, pretty dead. Perhaps some else had a livelier experience.

    Atlanta dwarfs Nashville and Charlotte, and its population has morphed into a Miami type location, loaded with carpetbagging Yankees. There was downright hostility demonstrated by many local fans, contrasted to the traditional Southern hospitality you'll find in New Orleans, Nashville, Charlotte, Tampa etc. The old stadium area was pretty dead and the surrounding neighborhood was somewhat sketchy. (The new stadium was built nearby) On the other hand, Atlanta has many pretty vibrant locations downtown and in Buckhead.

    All three cities head our list of potential Fall road trips.

    Nashville (Oct 14th) is highly likely. Great time for a colorful drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway in my wife's convertible and meet up with friends from Huntsville, where we had lived for a few years. Also possibly catch up with Darb.

    Charlotte (Oct 28th) is iffy due to its schedule conflict with an anniversary cruise to Canada circled by my wife. If that conflict is resolved, Charlotte would be next on the list. We'd likely fly to Raleigh to meet up with some die-hard Ravens fans who live there, then drive 2+ hours to Charlotte.

    Atlanta (Dec 2nd) is OK schedule wise, and with a domed stadium, weather won't be an issue. It would be > 50% if we don't make it to Charlotte.

    Hope to meet up with you at one of these places, after our no-show to Edinburgh last September.
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    Re: Nashville, Atlanta and Charlotte

    We'll be in Charlotte Mista T. If u decide to go let me know and we'll get together. Any hotel recommendations for Charlotte. I'll check that Residence Inn. Agree with you about Charlotte though, not much happening downtown which is why (so far) we have reserved a hotel about 10 miles away.

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    Re: Nashville, Atlanta and Charlotte

    ...agree on Broadway in Nashville. It's like the French Quarter without the getting mugged on your way back to your car part. We had a blast there last season.

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