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    Who to take at #6?

    I have the 6th overall pick in a 12 team league. I'm assuming the top 5 RB's will be gone by my pick. Who should I consider at #6 if the top 5 RB's are gone? Would Peyton Manning be an option at #6, or is that too high?

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    Re: Who to take at #6?

    Well, my strategy for drafting in the first round is to always take a RB no matter what. In fact, sometimes I take a RB the first two rounds like I did yesterday in one of my leagues.

    It's very likely the TOP 5 RBs won't be drafted before you pick.

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    Re: Who to take at #6?

    If they are left, Rudi Johnson, Steven Jackson, or Ronnie Brown.

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    Re: Who to take at #6?

    In my mnd Peyton is the number six player.

    If you want a RB select from this list:
    S JAckson
    R brown
    R Johnson
    C Williams

    I as well, like to select w RB's first as well... But you gotta take what you can get,Peyton is no slouch, and much much better then any other QB. The difference between him and Brady is larger then Edgerrin and say A Cadillac Jordan type you can still get in the second rd.

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    Re: Who to take at #6?

    Well I went with Cadillac Williams with the 6th pick.

    Here is my team:

    QB: Hasselbeck, Warner
    RB: Williams, Mcgahee, Maroney
    WR: R. Williams, A. Johnson, Coles, Givens
    TE: Gonzalez, Putzier
    DEF: Denver, St. Louis
    K: Elam

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    Re: Who to take at #6?

    I think Cadillac is a bit of a stretch at 6. I would assume you'd end up with either Tiki, Portis or Edge (Edge most likely) dropping to 6. If either does, take them and run!

  7. Re: Who to take at #6?

    I think Caddy was a slight reach at 6, but really the players 6-14 are all very similar. I am high on Brown and Jackson this year.

    I think Maroney has some value this year, but it will be tricky with BB to figure out how he will be used from game to game.

    Also, it all depends on your scoring system and how many players your start. In my league, we have 14 teams. QB's get .03 per 10 passing yards and 3 points per TD. Manning is 36th on my board. If I were to take him in the first round, I'd wind up starting Warrick Dunn and Corey Dillion.


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