I've seen enough over the past few days to be forced to have to come in here now and moderate this place with an iron fist unfortunately.
(The other moderators are in agreement as well)
The level of idiocy, rudeness, baiting, trolling and quality of the discussion on here lately has taken an excessive nose dive.
I've seen it all.....race baiting, name calling, calling out moderator actions and a complete lack of respect for each other.
Guys on here that don't have enough common sense to even realize they're being baited and want to fight to the death in a winless argument.
Guys bringing race into the equation at every turn possible.
I could go on but those responsible know who they are.
Majority of the people on here know who they are.
I'm pretty much done now watching it, getting PMs, notifications, etc.
Suppose to be a bunch of grown men (and women) on here.

It's a long off season and if you think myself and the other moderators are going to spend the next several months dealing with people that have acted the way that some of you have recently you're mistaken.

I would highly suggest that every one of you read the forum rules pinned at the top and understand what you're reading.
There will be no questions asked right now.
If I (or the other moderators) see it, don't like the nature of it or perceive it in any way as a rule violation or just plain bad intent you will be dealt with accordingly.
Again, there will be no debate about how we perceive what you wrote or what your intentions were.
Seen too many good members lost or no longer contributing due to a select few that have ruined this place for the guys that can discuss and debate like logical and respectful human beings.
Can't discuss a specific subject without an issue than stay out of the discussion.
None of us here allocated to keep the peace want to have to spend a large portion of our time on here dealing with a few fools.
Immediate vacations and perma bans are in order here!!

Don't like it than move on elsewhere!!
Don't agree with it than move on elsewhere!!

Consider yourselves warned!!