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    Re: When did player evaluations start to go south?

    Some selective memory here. The 2004-5 drafts were no picnic.

    To some extent these things are cyclic: a couple fallow years, then some fertile years, etc. But I'm reminded of the thing that Ozzie is supposed to have said to his scouts at the 2007-8 offseason dinner: my friend got fired because we let the team get slow and small. This is on us.

    I wonder if there wasn't some similar come-to-Jesus moment after we went 5-11. Because I think that things have turned around with the post-2015 drafts. There's a lot of good, physical prospects from those drafts. If more drafts can be like those, and if the motherfuckers can ever stay healthy, we should be back on solid footing again.

    Diggs and Juju still make me gag, though. Please god get some offensive threats this offseason.

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    Re: When did player evaluations start to go south?

    I think what's hurt also is not re-signing guys. Wagner, KO, McPhee, Jernigan, Juice are all quality players they let walk.


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