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    Re: Dear Mr. Bisciotti.

    Quote Originally Posted by rhapsody View Post
    You are cherry picking to suit your narrative.

    Here is a list of the last two drafts:

    From WNCRaven:

    Not the last two. The last two drafts/UDFA lists look pretty good right now.

    1 Marlon Humphrey
    1 Ronnie Stanley
    2 Tyus Bowser
    2 Kamalei Correa
    3 Bronson Kaufusi
    3 Tim Williams
    3 Chris Wormley
    4 Willie Henry
    4 Chris Moore
    5 Jermaine Eluemanor
    5 Matt Judon
    6 Maurice Canady
    6 Chuck Clark
    F Jaylen Hill
    F Patrick Onwuasor
    F Michael Pierce
    F Patrick Ricard
    F Matt Skura

    coming back next year
    4 Kenneth Dixon
    4 Alex Lewis
    4 Nico Siragusa (maybe)
    4 Tavon Young
    F Bam Bradley
    F Tim White

    6 Keenan Reynolds

    The only guy that didn't make the team in year two is Keenan Reynolds. London Eluemanor is still early in his development. Wormley, Bowser and Williams are playing the numbers game. The only two guys that look like potential busts right now are Correa and Kaufusi.
    You must not be paying attention to your own logic. You are clearly missing the point that all these early draft selections are supposed to be playing, seeing the field and are clearly not. Guys like Correa, Kafusi, Bowser, Williams, WOrmley are early draft picks and should be starting right now, even as part time players and almost none are. Where has Bowser or Williams been last half of the season????? In the Bengals game you saw Correa out there in coverage where he is slow as shit.

    Now look at the undrafted pool of players (Onwuasor, Pierce, Ricard, and Skura) Those guys are starting with their units. So WTF is OZZIE doing buring draft picks on back up linebackers, DL players who are sitting on the bench????

    Those picks could have been spent on the JU JU SChusters and Cooper Kupps type who could immediately have helped this team

    So by your logic Ozzie should pull a Ditka, trade his entire draft pool for that 1 Ricky Williams TYPE talent and just take his undrafted guys to build his roster around right?

    He sure as hell is wasting his draft picks as they are sittong on IR or the bench

    Just yesterday arguing with a guy on Brent Urband and Crocket Gilmore. How many years does it take to come back from injuries????

    Enough is enough, cut bait move on

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    Re: Dear Mr. Bisciotti.

    I agree with the weapons comment however it is the fault of the Front Office. Changes to the scouting department updating the way they look at & evaluate players based on today's game. This may include the GM. Maybe it's time for the Asst. GM to take over? Head Coach did a great job with lack of weapons & injuries. Offensive Coordinator needs replacement Marty can't communicate with press or public effectively how can he reach the players.

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    Re: Dear Mr. Bisciotti.

    So, I guess my letter didn't work..................
    "Please take with you this final sword, The Excellector. I am praying that your journey will be guided by the light", Leon Shore


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