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    Manny is trade bait for 2018 with his contract concluding after the 2018 season.

    So long as Manny and his agent want to go to Free Agency, the O's will not get anywhere near fair value in a trade, as they won't sign a long term contract with a new team any more than they would with the O's. A trade deadline panic deal with another team (the one that is in a panic) will bring a better deal than anything now.

    If Manny is at best a 1 year rental for other teams, the O's might as well use him for the one year THEY have left.

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    I agree 100 percent. Iím glad they didnít take nothing in trade for him. However, it seems to have been squandered by the lack of serious offers to any quality FA pitchers.
    The problem is that they see Bundy/Gausman as their #1 and #2 both have that potential but neither has shown it consistently over an entire season. So they feel that they really only have to fill out the rest of the rotation with #4ís to have a passable rotation.

    So whatís going to happen (unless a miracle is delivered and Jake Arrietta decides to come play for the organization that wouldnít allow him to throw his cutter)
    Gausman and Bundy will be average to slightly above average, the rest of the rotation will be a platoon of 4A pitchers and guys who had a good half of a season like 5 years ago and they will fall out of contention in late August when the BP is completely fried.

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    Re: Machado

    The only reason the O's have their 17 wins at this point in the season is Manny. Without Manny they could well have single digit wins.


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