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    Jimmy G is in SF. Brady wants to play until he is 50

    My feelings have softened some for Brady. Maybe because I'm 53. But if he gets anywhere near past 44 or 45, its not something of this world...or it's a start at making a physically more resistant human. To watch noodle arm Manning fizzle at 40...and Brady still going brings many thoughts and emotions. A true possibility at Football 'godhood', despite what we think about him otherwise.

    I recall Joe saying he wanted to play till 40.

    Also, not a slight on Manning at all, wish I could have done what he did. A liable persona and great career.
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    Re: Jimmy G is in SF. Brady wants to play until he is 50

    I still hate Brady. cheater.

    I want to see his career end throwing pick-sixes in the playoffs

    sick of the patriots. rotten era for the NFL.
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    Re: Jimmy G is in SF. Brady wants to play until he is 50

    But Peyton still looked great until he was 37, put up great stats when he was 38, won a SB at age 39, and then filed for social security at age 40. I think that with these great QB's, with the way that the league protects them, they can look great at old ages, but then they'll fall off a cliff. I think that Peyton's cliff came in the play-offs of his second to last season. He was basically a liability in his last year. I think that Brady will fall off cliff sometime next season or the season after that.


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