I am a huge move/tv fanatic, possibly my favorite thread over at BR.com was this thread, found some great shows because of others recommendations. So im gonna list some movies and TV shows, I need some new shows to watch, running out of stuff. I get bored late night at work. No order.

American History X
Fight Club
Cloud Atlas
Remember the Titans
Rocky 1.4
Poolhall Junkies

Recent Watches
Brawl in Cell Block 99- Way better than I was expecting.
Wind River- Worth the watch, kind of slow
Green Room- pretty intense brutal violent film

TV Shows
Vikings- Such a great show, very underrated
Better Call Saul- duh
Mr Robot- Season 2 was disappointing, see how this goes with season 3 back
The Deuce- very interesting show about how the porn industry started, James Franco, im in
Ray Donovan- Great fucking show, this season has been very.....weird
Room 104- extremely odd show, each episode is different, meh
Black Mirror- another odd show, I love it
Game of Thrones- obviously
The Walking Dead- gives me something to watch, but its the same shit every year...im burnt out on it
Mindhunter- Story of how the FBI got into profiling with serial killers, great show
Narcos- yep
Mr Mecedes- detective retires and a case he couldn't solve torments him, good show
Westworld- just watch it
Homeland- definitely has lost its touch but I still continue to torture myself
American Vandal- A mockumentary like Making a Murderer, fucking fantastic and hilarious
Fargo- awesome
The Wire- classic
True Detective- Season 1 was possibly my favorite season of tv
The Sinner- worth the watch

That's all I got, im sure I forgot quite a bit