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    Re: The Movies/TV thread

    Quote Originally Posted by BustOfPallas View Post

    You should try Europa Report. That was a pretty good movie.
    I liked it

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    Re: The Movies/TV thread

    Watched Gemini Man. It was bad. Really bad. It started off very interesting and had a chance but then went full blown Mission Impossible 2 fighting with motorcycles and weird cgi fight scenes that reminded me of the Matrix Reloaded against all the Agent Smiths. I wasnt expecting much, but damn. I suffered so you dont have to. What good movies has Will Smith done lately?

    Bright 2017 on Netflix- That was terrible. Cant believe they are making a second one.
    Collateral Beauty 2016- Want to watch it just haven't for personal reasons
    Suicide Squad 2016- didnt watch
    Concussion 2015- meh
    Focus- kind of liked it
    hancock 2008- didnt care for it
    I am Legend 2007- i liked it

    I skipped some. Enemy of the State was awesome, ahead of its time.
    Bad times don't last, but bad guys do. - Razor Ramon


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