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  1. OT- Anyone Interested in Taking Over a Fantasy Football Team?

    I'm the commissioner of a fantasy football league in it's 17th season. We have 12 teams, and 11 of the 12 of them are avidly keeping up with things week to week and even day to day. Many of the owners and franchises have been with us for many years and a few for over a decade now, so we've got a great sense of continuity and history by fantasy football standards.

    Anyway, one team owner showed up at the draft and then didn't do anything else. Inquiries were made and she has no interest in continuing as an owner.

    So, we need someone to take over the team. It's record is 2-2, probably 2-3 after this weekend, which isn't great, but it isn't horrible either. You would have the option of keeping the existing team name or changing it to the name of your choice (No use of NFL team names allowed, though- that will be changed if attempted. We encourage the use of a city name and a realistic type name for a football team as a suggestion, but we don't enforce that as a rule- we do enforce that no one can be the Baltimore Ravens or the Philadelphia Eagles or whatever, though).

    Serious inquiries only. You don't have to be great at this stuff in terms of skill (We do have some teams that do poorly each year and that's totally fine as long as they are trying their best), but you do have to be committed to checking your lineup each week and at least making sure the players with bye weeks and major injuries are out of your starting lineup and replaced by players who are actually playing in real life that week, at minimum. We have a lot of people who are very committed to this and want an owner who is equally committed. If we get someone who's not putting the time in, we'd probably make another change really quick, just to be fair to all the other owners who are busting their tails.

    If you want to play, PM me your email address and I will have Yahoo send you an invite to take over the vacant team. Then check your email and click the link and take over the team. You can try to salvage this weekend if you want, but Tuesday is when the fantasy football week flips and you can seriously start figuring out your lineup for next weekend, which is what I think we'd all kind of think of as your first week (After all, we're already late Sunday afternoon, so a lot of this week's action is over or in progress already).

    We have some members from the forum, but the majority are from elsewhere. So, it's not a RSR official league or anything like that, but you may see a team owner or two you know from here.

    The rules are a little bit unusual relative to the way fantasy football has gone over the years (We're long standing enough that the fantasy football world has changed a bit around us), but that quirkiness is what attracts a lot of people to the league, especially if they already have teams in more standard leagues and want something that is going to be a little different.

    EDIT: The position is now filled. Thanks everyone!
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