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Not something you need to worry about IMO. I mentioned yesterday the amount of empty seats in the stadium for a 1:00 start against the Steelers on a perfect fall day, don't think Bisciotti isn't noticing that, among other things. What do you think the stadium is going to look like for those games against the Texans or Lions in November/December? Especially if this thing keeps going downhill? Look at that thread about fan disinterest and how many people - diehards from this board! - are planning on doing other things next Sunday. The franchise is in a bad place right now.

Fan apathy, disinterest, no shows, these are things that will catch Bisciotti's attention IMO. They aren't going to skate by with the injury excuse this year and expect fans to keep coming back.
Harbs is a rat. He'll convince Biscuit that This is Flacco's fault and he just needs 3 more years.