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    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    Mosley getting blown up because they donít have BWill and Urban.

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    Yup and their replacements were not close to the same level
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    Quote Originally Posted by BPF2 View Post
    To be fair to the D, how many times have they been put right back out on a short field?

    Having said that, i think the Jags game planned perfectly for what the Ravens D showed against Cin/Cle. They were fast to the ball, getting pressure with just 4 because of bad o-line play. That defense gave up a lot of yards, but was bailed out by turnovers in the red zone. To me, even though we got younger/faster, that secondary is still old and slow, except Jefferson. Carr is often not near the receiver. Webb is always trailing behind. I think we'll see Humphrey starting instead of Carr by mid-season. Don't know if Carr can play slot.

    As for Mosley, he is the only one I see showing some fire out there and trying to get his teammates pumped up. Some of these guys are sleep walking. On one play yesterday, I couldn't tell exactly who it was, but it looked like right before the snap, Jimmy was talking to Tim Williams at the line. Williams was looking at him, not at the play and the ball got snapped while he was standing straight up. They got a big run gain on it.
    I disagree Carr seems to always have pretty good coverage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goode05 View Post
    I disagree Carr seems to always have pretty good coverage

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    "Not near" is probably inaccurate. Seems to me he's near, but lot of times I feel like he's getting credit for good coverage because of an incompletion, where a better pass would have more likely been caught because he was near but not tight.

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    Jags all of them are over rated because we projected the ravens drafting the next 52

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    All this defense needs is a consistent pass rusher. Got damnit if Judon and Smith canít hold the edge l, get there ass out of there because they bring nothing else to the table.


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