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    Re: Are the Ravens distracted from football

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    I think that some of these coaches need to step in and do some actual coaching. I realize that the NFL and the NBA are player's leagues, but I think that players will respect you as a coach more if you lay some touch love on them and instill some character. A lot of these guys grew up up in a single parent home, and need a father figure. They need to focus on football, and not politics. Tell the players that they need to stand up, put their hands on their heart, and stand at attention, or else they go back to the locker room and undress for the game. They get a few chances, and after a few episodes, they get traded or cut. I think that if they were cut for not standing for the flag, their career would be about over, knowing this group of owners.

    From what I understand, this really isn't an issue in Division 1 football. If you try to pull this stuff for a division 1 program, you don't play that game, and will probably lose your scholarship if you keep doing it.
    Ahh forced patriotism. The American way lol

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    Re: Are the Ravens distracted from football

    The Ravens weren't that good to begin with. The End

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    Re: Are the Ravens distracted from football

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    Harbaugh demonstrates that he is a weak "leader" - time to cut our losses with him. Tomlin handled the situation much better, and the Steelers won two games.
    The Steelers lost last week. So they won 1 game.


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