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    Re: Ray Lewis statue

    So are we talking about the Ray Lewis statue or race baiting.

    Chuck settle down brother you are taking everything personal and you are coming off a bit racial.

    I for one do not think most are against the players protesting or voicing their opinion. However, it is the format they are using to do it and the fact that the most recent kneel was because of some words by our very own President. This shows the immaturity and entitlement the players feel they have. Ray led this bad decision even if he thought he was praying to the almighty and doing the right thing he obviously didn't think it through. If they are truly against the inequity and supposed police brutality than put their money where their mouth is utilize more meaningful platforms that can actually influence policy change, train the Cops properly and let justice prevail when wrong.
    I am completely against them taking a knee during the anthem and find it hypocritical. Man up respect the flag and that's how you create unity. Not slapping Veterans and Service members & their families in the face by disrespecting the flag.
    Enough with the race BS. The few minority of racist and reverse racist left in the country are dwindle away, don't let them grip onto anything. I see people all over that look at each other as Americans not color. Stop supporting the false narrative over some hyped up situations. The stats don't even support.
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