As of right now the NFL, NFLPA, a slew of players and the owners of the Giants, Falcons, 49ers and Dolphins have all addressed Trump's comment on the NFL. Trump has since addressed the comments made by the NFL.

Tomorrow the Ravens and Jaguars are going to be getting a lot extra international attention. They can't just bury what has become the biggest story of the year. Both Bisciotti and Khan had made comments about signing Kaepernick during training camp. They are as close to this issue as any owners in the entire league. There needs to be some sort of statement from each. Even better would be for both owners to hold a joint press conference and address this together.

If the NFL wants to put their best foot forward in the UK they can't just pretend this hasn't happened. Steve Bisciotti and Shahid Khan are the ambassadors of the NFL for this event. Gentleman, make thoughts known. The world is watching.