Playing in a PPR league. Need to pick between McCoy, McCaffery, or Buck Allen. McCaffery I'm pretty locked in on even though he hasn't been great first two weeks, since he's playing the Saints this week. Most weeks it's not even a question, but McCoy is going against Denver and I have serious questions as to whether he's going to put up much, especially after last week against Carolina and what Denver did to Dallas. Of course, Jax's D is no slouch for Allen, but I'm leaning that way because of PPR, because of West being on the mend, I am thinking I can get 15ish points (he had 20 in our league last week, for reference) or so just by volume with potential for more?

Am I crazy or on the right track here?

The alternative would be to play a WR instead of a second RB, since we only have 1 RB and the other slot is RB/WR flex. But my receivers aren't great (12 team league) - Hopkins, Thielen, Watkins, John Brown and Britt.