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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Pats

    Quote Originally Posted by RAVENOUS52 View Post
    I can't help but think that HEAP's presence makes a big difference in the 4th Quarter...:(
    For sure. If Heap was in those last possessions would have ran the clock out.
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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Pats

    Quote Originally Posted by Losac View Post
    Think I'd rather have lost 58-0 then to have it end this way.
    Not me......I'm glad they gave it there all and left it on the field!!!

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Pats

    the diff in the 4th qtr was coaching. Billick played scared again in the 4th qtr and tried to start milking the clock w/ 11:42 left w/ only a 4 pt lead. Billick has no idea how to deliver the knockout punch...he never has. How many more times does this need to happen to see this guy just doesn't get it?

    The players deserved better...IMO the coaches failed them more than the refs.



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