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    Re: What is the main thing you so wrong in today's society and culture?

    Quote Originally Posted by Everything_Ravens View Post
    I'm not going to go in depth about religion because regardless of my personal perspectives, I realize that it works for some people, and I would never do that in a public forum.

    You being someone who has been very keen on the concept of how labels create lines of division should be able to appreciate how identifying yourself as an______ (insert country where you have citizenship), instead of just identifying with being a person on this planet creates it's issues.
    Sure and I'd agree with that. The question of the thread is today's society and culture though. I think those things have always been there. So if you think those things are what's wrong today, why are they worse now?
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    Re: What is the main thing you so wrong in today's society and culture?

    Generally I think the biggest issue is we don't listen to each other or show the capacity to empathise with others. As a result we cling to rigidly to beliefs and opinions we hold without challenging them. Politics has become emblematic of this, it is not about debates in good faith but rather dogmatically sticking to a view point and refusing to listen to an opposing view points that may be more or equally valid, seemingly to the point where we can lie to ourselves and others. As a result it has become easy to write someone else's views off with reductive terms.

    I see this take shape in so many ways across all aspects of life, and I think it is the reason for the increasing polarisation. Entrenched, unchallenged views that are seen as a panacea for the ills of a population.


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