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    Re: Is this too much?

    Quote Originally Posted by boller4president View Post
    I would agree that different people are physically attracted to different things but the idea that one can't overcome those physical attractions is what I have a problem with.

    They act like they have no control over their own actions. That they don't choose to act on those attractions is just PC bull. I'm actually physically attracted to one of my coworkers but I choose to not act on that attraction because I have a wife
    I don't understand what you're saying. Who acts like they have no control over their own actions?
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  2. Re: Is this too much?

    Paper: Kindergarten teachers are the reason most children are heterosexual

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    Re: Is this too much?

    Quote Originally Posted by PerpetuallyBored74 View Post
    Thing is, homo/bisexuality is commonplace throughout the animal kingdom.

    So, this behavior is far from unnatural. (Not that you said it was)

    Disagree about the hormones. Hormones influence libido and secondary characteristics like hair (thick or thin), but not sexual preferences. There are men with low testosterone who are still 100% straight. And guys with huge amounts of testosterone who are as gay as a parade.

    In humans, homo/bisexuality seems to be a recessive genetic trait.
    Perhaps now that we've mapped the genome we can discover which genes are responsible.
    But then that opens up another question, and with it a huge can of worms: what if we gain the capability through genetic re-sequencing to "cure" homo/bisexuality?
    Should we?
    Sorry I missed this post earlier.

    It's not just hormones that are in our bodies, but also hormones in the mother's body during pregnancy. A disproportionately large number of gay men are the youngest sons, or near the youngest, of large families. Now there may be a genetic link since nothing can be ruled out without conclusive evidence, but currently there is evidence for both.
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