Venezuela is out of control. The Socialist Party is jailing and murdering dissidents. The economy is in shambles. The government only has about 10 billion in its reserves. Inflation is going to be 2000% next year. Unemployment is horrible. Products are so scare that many people cannot wipe their own ass (yes, toilet paper is hard to find there).

The reason for this is simple. The policies of Hugo Chavas and Nicolas Maduro. The common link here is that they are both Populists.

Populism is destructive. The populist caters the the every man and ends up exploiting him.

Time has shown just how dangerous populism can be. The populist brains of Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and FDR led to World War II.

Europe itself finds itself in a populist mess thanks to bad policies. Left-wing populists have catered to Muslims. Greece hangs on by a thread. Right-wing populists hate anyone who is not their ethnicity.

Sadly, America has fallen into the populist Trump. Donald Trump is a populist. You can read all of his misgivings in threads. Even so, Bernie Sanders was another popular populist candidate.

The world is fucked.