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    Back to Baltimore

    I have come back after giving up NFL for a year. I was raised in Baltimore and was a Huge Colts fan. Then I got into the military and still followed the Colts till they left for IND. (still don't forgive Irsay for what he did). I then started to follow the St Louis Cardinals since I was living in St Louis. Then Bidwell took them away to Ariz. So I was without a team again. Then The Rams came to St Louis and I became a season ticket holder and missed maybe 5 games the time they were here. Well the 3rd times a charm and Kroenke took that away and moved them back to L.A.

    So I gave up the NFL, but it kept drawing me back so I coming back to my roots and I will follow the Ravens. Might not be buying much NFL gear and won't be seeing many games in person but I will cheer for the Ravens when I can and hope for great things to come.

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    Re: Back to Baltimore

    Since there's no "like button" on here I'll just verbally like this post.
    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!


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