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    Re: Best Raven's Skill Player to Ever Suit Up

    Does Harbs wear purple ties? *ducks*
    at one point of my life I was exactly Pi years old

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    Re: Best Raven's Skill Player to Ever Suit Up

    Quote Originally Posted by HotInHere View Post
    You're probably smarter than the rest of us. It's a completely meaningless evaluation, and yet we continue to discuss it.

    But the 'best while wearing a Ravens uniform' thing has been done to death, and this is a new spin. And it's the goddam offseason and we are so desperate to find anything football-related to talk about that I swear if someone started a thread on John Harbaugh's wardrobe it would go for ten pages.

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    Thanks....I think?

    And you are right, I definitely agree with that. There isn't shit going on in the sports world except that joke boxing match

    Quote Originally Posted by Rxdoxx View Post
    How can it be dumb to think that Johnny Unitas was the greatest to play for the Chargers?
    Because he put up 471 yards, 3TDs and 7INTS as charger maybe? Some guy named Dan Fouts might have a better argument. Just goes back to my original premise.

    Edit** I think you were agreeing with me. I think. I haven't slept in 3 days
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    Re: Best Raven's Skill Player to Ever Suit Up

    Quote Originally Posted by DeltaRaven View Post
    If it's dependent on how they played as Ravens then being an "all-time great" isn't really part of the discussion.

    I'm just not sure how you can put Sharpe's 2 years against Boldin or SSR's 3 years and say he's #1 and the other two aren't even in consideration. If you look at the numbers they're all actually really similar. I would put Todd Heap on this list before any of the 3 as he put up similar numbers over a much longer period of time as a Raven.

    Jamal is by far and away the most productive Raven as a Raven ever on offense, followed by Ray Rice. After that it's a mesh of receivers like Mason, Boldin, SSR, and Todd Heap.

    My list:

    #1 - Jamal Lewis
    #2 - Ray Rice
    #3 - Todd Heap
    #4 - Derrick Mason
    #5 - Boldin/SSR/Sharpe
    That's a very solid argument, Delta - especially about Todd Heap. I think it comes down to what "Best Skill Player" means. My personal opinion is that you can't base it purely on stats - that's too position dependent. I look at is more as who was best at their position, and who made the greatest difference.

    I can't go with Jamal because he only had 2 or 3 good years. 4 of his seasons he was averaging less than 4 YPA - that's not good. I think Ray Rice was the better back. His skill as a receiver was far superior to Jamal's, and he averaged more yards from scrimmage than Jamal - twice exceeding 2000 yards a season.

    Derrick Mason was one helluva ball catcher. But his speed as a Raven limited his effectiveness too much. I loved watching him play, but to me a WR has to be a true #1 WR to make the list. I don't think any Ravens receiver since Michael Jackson can claim that.

    Todd Heap - he was amazing at times. You're right - I should put him on my list. But not above Shannon. Shannon had more of an impact on the offense - he was the Ravens' leading receiver in 2000. That's pretty amazing for a TE. And he had two HUGE TDs in the playoffs against Denver and Oakland. He was just a big-time playmaker.

    I wish there was a WR I felt was deserving of the top 5. That's probably the worst thing about being a Raven's fan. Hopefully, Maclin and Perriman will be near the top of the list some day....


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