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    Re: Best player ever to suit up for Ravens

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    Ray. He elevated the entire team
    Even at the end when we all saw that his age had taken his eliteness.
    He then did the dirty work, He occupied blockers to free Ellerbe in the championship run and Ellerbe cashed in big time $35million/5yrs Day 1 of free agency (played 31 games in the next 4 years ...15 in the first, 16 in the next 3) ... we can say he owes that elevated contract to Ray's ancient presence ... wasn't anything wrong with Ray's on field recognition/reaction, he just applied it differently for the good of the team
    at one point of my life I was exactly Pi years old

  2. Re: Best player ever to suit up for Ravens

    Is it too much to ask that people read? Fuck me but reading comprehension is a lost skill.

    HALL OF FAME - longevity is so huge a part! I was saying if it matters to the hall it than that is germane to the topic. I heard Jerry S. talk about it. Pat Kirwan talk about it, and dozens of other football guys. I listen to NFL Sirius XM a lot, I wouldn't parrot a statement like that if they haven't said it constantly.

    And Ed Reed is the God of Defensive Backfield, bar none. And Ray played 6 more, not 4 more than Ed.

    That said, Ed is a Jr in college while Ray is hoisting the Lombardi Trophy as MVP. Seriously did ANYONE here watch the 2OOO Ravens? One of the greatest defenses EVER.... EVER! 4 shutouts in 2000. They allowed the fewest points ever (165) over 16 games and the fewest rushing yards (60.6 a game)!!! Average of 10.3 points a game? Ridiculous....

    Ray is central to that accomplishment. No matter how epic a D with Ed was, for all his skills, 6th sense ballhawking, reading QB's mind, he still was not a part of that monster defense. That alone should end the debate.
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