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    Re: Now If They Just Show They Can Hold a Fourth Quarter Lead

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    If this chart is valid, then we could say that blowing 4th quarter leads has virtually no impact on long-term success. Basically most of your teams that are good on a pretty consistent basis are blowing like 40% of their 4th quarter leads.

    While teams who typically aren't that competitive (Cleveland, Chicago, TB, Detroit, Miami, St.Louis, etc.) don't blow 4th quarter leads that often.

    Now, the obvious caveat being that teams that aren't that good are less likely to have 4th quarter leads, and thus are less likely to blow them.

    Basically I'm not sure if there's a solid takeaway from this or not.
    Not all blown 4th quarter leads are equal.

    Giving up a field goal to go down by 1 with 14 minutes left in the game is a lot different then giving up an 80 yard TD drive within the last 90 seconds.

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    Re: Now If They Just Show They Can Hold a Fourth Quarter Lead

    To clarify further...


    No lost 4th quarter leads.


    Bal 23 Phi 24 late 4th, Eagles score 7 with 1:55 left.

    Pit 23 Bal 20 lost in 4th, Steelers FG on last play, Batch qb

    Bal 28 Was 31 late in 4th, Redskins score 8 with 29 second left to tie, lost in OT

    Bal 17 Cin 23 lost in 4th, with under 9 minutes, Tyrod our qb, meaningless game


    Bal 16 Pit 19 lost on last drive, FG with no time remaining.

    Bal 20 Chi 23 lost in OT


    Cin 23 Bal 16 late 4th, Green 77TD with 4:58 left.

    Bal 13 Ind 20 actually tied, but lost in 4th, Luck TD with 8:56 left.

    Bal 24 Cin 27 late 4th, Dalton TD with 57 seconds left.

    SD 34 Bal 33 late 4th, Rivers TD with 38 seconds left.


    Bal 31 NE 35 ahead in 4th, gave up two 14 point leads.


    Bal 33 Oak 37 late 4th, Carr TD with 26 seconds left.

    Cin 28 Bal 24 late 4th, Green TD with 2:10 left.

    Cle 33 Bal 30 late 4th, loss 5 point lead with 3:15 left, but tie it up, but lose in OT

    Jax 22 Bal 20 late 4th, Jags FG with no time remaining.


    Oak 28 Bal 27 late 4th, Carr TD with 2:12 left.

    Bal 23 NYG 27 late 4th, Beckham 66TD with 1:24 left.

    Bal 27 Pit 31 late 4th, Brown TD with less than 10 seconds left.
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