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    Re: The Explanation for Correa

    I found the article to be encouraging. As a rookie he didn't have the off year to work with the LB coach and Pees. I imagine a defense so different from what he was use to would be a lot to absorb in such a short period of time. Instead of the coaches just assuming the rookies will make the adjustment they should have things in place to make sure they understand the system. This shouldn't have taken 2 years. I don't believe he's stupid. I blame the coaching staff. Having said that I'm looking forward to a great defensive effort this year.

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    Re: The Explanation for Correa

    Quote Originally Posted by GOTA View Post
    Bart Scott used to say that he had more assignments under Rex than in any other defense he played in. That's how he got the job. Ray Lewis gets hurt and no one else was able to figure out the complexities of the situation. They just kept on going through the roster until they got to Bart Scott. Tommy Polly was the big name free agent they brought in to play next to Ray so he was the one they initially shifted all the responsibility on. Polly couldn't handle the mental part of playing that spot and Rex shifted it to Scott
    And that is also why Bart was Rex's first big signing as coach of the Jets. He needed a guy in the middle of the defense that could effectively communicate and coordinate Rex's defense. It's why the Jets defense continued to thrive those first few years. It's why a safety like Jim Leonard who may have been limited physically was able to make a nice little career for himself working in Rex's defenses. Someone said on here that all the physical talent in the world doesn't matter if you're not where you're supposed to be. I agree 100%.

    When folks talk about how Sizzle started his career or the failures of guys like an Art Brown or Elam to transition quickly, we all conveniently leave out tow things: 1. The players' personal responsibility for learning how to adapt to the NFL and 2. The impact of having 2 HOFers sitting in the middle of that defense. 2 of the most gifted physical specimens AS WELL AS students of the game. With those 2 guys setting the standard as players and having the ability to help a new player understand his role WHILE the bullets are flying, the learning curve could be greatly accelerated. And if those young guys made mistakes, the defense overall was usually good enough to cover it. Those margins for error are greatly reduced with our current roster.

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    Re: The Explanation for Correa

    Quote Originally Posted by Jazz1988 View Post
    The Ravens liked what they saw on tape and they liked his versatility. It's possible Correa potential is that of Jamie Collins who was another pass rusher in college that was used in different way at The NFl Level.
    The Ravens should only be so lucky. It's just way too early to put both of their names in the same sentence... Bc

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    Re: The Explanation for Correa

    Meanwhile, I acquired Correa in 3 of 5 fantasy leagues...
    "On their way to the podium, the Ravens FO is going to collectively step over my dead body and select...Breshad Perriman." -- Me, the day before the 2015 Draft

    Bust it is then.

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